Thursday, 25 June 2015

Coconut trees in konkan

Coconut trees are very important trees in konkan coastal areas. In konkan, this trees are very useful for there people and most of items in konkan are made by coconut trees. The coconut tree is a kind of palm tree with a single, straight trunk and it has got lots of uses and great importance since prehistoric times. In many places in South India, coconut trees are widely cultivated and they are grown around homes as well as farms for profit and also for home use.

The most common uses come from the edible fruits known as coconuts. Coconut milk is also very popular and it is widely used in many Asian cuisines, especially in South India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and some other countries. Also the Coconut milk is an excellent hair conditioner. Coconut oil is very popular nowadays due to its attractive flavor. It is even used as a replacement for butter in many recipes. Coconut oil is not just for cooking, In many parts of the world, it is very common to massage young babies with coconut oil. It's very healthy for the skin of babies. The shell of the coconut fruit also useful. It is traditionally used in homes to steam food and it is also popular as a craft material. People in rural areas make their living from making ropes out of coconut husk.

The white flesh of the fruit need to be separated from the outer hard coconut shell and you may use a coconut scraper to grate the fruit or use a coconut meat removal knife to separate the flesh, after opening the shell. It can be eaten either raw or cooked and can be easily added to your recipes or you can store it in refrigerator for few days. The milk of coconut also very popular and excellent hair conditioner. you can apply coconut milk in your heir, This will make your hair soft and shiny and helps to reduce heir fall. Coconut water and Coconut milk is different from each other, When you break the hard shell of coconut and open it, the fruit has a mildly sweet water inside which is known for its extreme health benefits. This is wonderful natural drink and it is very popular during the summer season. Nowdays, coconut oil is very popular due to its attractive flavor. It is used as a replacement of butter in many recipe, coconut shell is also very useful, it is popular as a craft material. many beautiful craft items are made out of coconut shells and children use them for playing too.

The husk of coconut is also very useful. In many rural areas coconut husk is used for making ropes and mats. The leaves of the coconut trees are very large and it look so beautiful, many People used these leaves to make roofs for their small huts, Sometimes coconut leaves are used not only for making the roofs, but to make the walls of the houses as well. People also make the coconut brooms with coconut leaves for domestic use as well as to sell them.

The flowers of coconut have so many medicinal uses and they are used as an ingredient in many traditional medicines in india.


  1. Trees offer so many features to the garden and landscape. Namely size, stature, privacy, shade, flowers leaves, and even colourful attractive bark. check these guys out

    1. Yes! Jade, Trees are very important for our planet, we need to plant more trees to save the nature....