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Top best 2 finger thumb players in PUBG Mobile

There are lots of pro players in PUBG Mobile which attracts other players to watch their gameplays. Every pro PUBG Mobile Player is known for its unique playing style and skills. Many pro pubg mobile players use 3, 4, or 5 finger claw control setup, which gives them better reflexes and speed. But today we are going to know about the two finger thumb players of PUBG Mobile. This are the real pro players in PUBG Mobile game who use only thumbs while playing the game. All these thumb players of PUBG Mobile are well known for their aggressive attacking styles and reflexes and inspire other players to use two finger claw control.

Here are the best pro thumb players of PUBG Mobile

Soul Viper

Soul Viper real name
Soul Viper Pubg mobile

Soul viper is well known for its amazing reflexes and skills by using only two finger claw setup. This is a member of popular Indian pubg mobile team "Team Soul". He plays with Soul Mortal and many other pro PUBG Mobile Players, his amazing playing skills attract every PUBG Mobile player to watch his gameplay till the end of the match. The real name of Soul Viper is Yash Paresh Soni and he lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. After watching his gameplay players can't believes that he uses only two thumb claw setup, amazing reflexes, great strategies and legendary skills makes him one of the best pro thumb player of PUBG Mobile.

XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy biography
XQF Paraboy Pubg mobile

XQF Paraboy is another best thumb player in PUBG Mobile. He is a member of popular chinese Pubg mobile team "Team XQF". All pro chinese pubg mobile players are well known for their unbelievable chinese drills, perfect accuracy and faster reflection and XQF Paraboy is one of them. He is one of the best assaulter in Team XQF and any normal player can't beat him in PUBG Mobile. The real name of XQF paraboy is Zhu Bojun and he is from china. The members of this top chinese Pubg mobile team are Paraboy, Coolboy, Cat, Jimmy and King. Every pro chinese player is known for his amazing drills and reflexes and all Pubg players likes to watch chinese players gameplay than other pro players.

ILMN Madtoi

ILMN Madtoi biography
ILMN Madtoi Pubg mobile

Madtoi is one of the best pubg mobile thumb player from Thailand. He is a former member of best thai Pubg mobile team "Team Illuminate" which was formally known as "The Murder". Many Pubg mobile players don't know him, but he is very good in two finger gameplay. The real name of Madtoi is Aekachai Areesanan who lives in Thailand and now he joined the new team which name is "Team Secret". ILMN Madtoi is the best pubg mobile thumb player in Thailand. Thai pubg players are also very aggressive like chinese Pubg players. So you can also check his best thai drills of PUBG Mobile game.

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Hyper coffin bio
Hyper Coffin Pubg mobile

Coffin or Hyper Coffin is a inspiration for every thumb player in PUBG Mobile. He is very popular Pubg mobile thumb player from Turkey and every pubg player wants to become a pro thumb player like him. No one can match his skills and faster reflexes on two finger claw setup, because it is very difficult to control speed and accuracy by using two thumb control on Pubg mobile, but only coffin can makes it possible! That's why lots of PUBG Mobile players follow him and use his two thumb setting on their Pubg account. The real name of coffin is Asimaltan Yucel from Turkey and He is the most fastest 2 finger player of PUBG Mobile in the world.


Izzo biography
Izzo Pubg mobile

Izzo is another very best pubg mobile thumb player from Denmark. The most interesting thing about this player is, he use default 2 finger layout of PUBG Mobile. I also tried to play PUBG Mobile on its default 2 finger layout settings, but it's very difficult to use. I don't know, how this guy play PUBG Mobile with amazing reflexes on the default control settings of PUBG? The real name of Izzo is Ismael and his birth place is Turkey, but he lives in Denmark.

All 2 finger thumb players of PUBG always keep their gyroscope "ON" while playing the game for getting faster and better reflexes.

Friday, 14 February 2020

How to get free ornaments / keychains in PUBG Mobile?

Today we are going to know about the latest new things in PUBG Mobile. Many times i seen while playing PUBG Mobile game, many players attached new and trendy keychain on their bags. But how we can get bag keychain for free in PUBG Mobile? It looks good to see and there are many different types of ornament available for free in PUBG Mobile. If you want free PUBG Mobile keychain for your bag then you are at right place. Today I am going to tell you how to get free keychain in PUBG Mobile? I like teddy bear keychain in PUBG Mobile and I get it absolutely free without spending any UC cash.

Get free keychains for bag in PUBG Mobile
How to get free keychain in PUBG Mobile?
In every PUBG Mobile updates, players get some new things like trendy clothes, new gun skins, new avatar, ornaments and other accessories. Now players can get many types of bag keychains free in PUBG Mobile which looks amazing while playing. Let's know how to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile?

For getting free ornaments in PUBG Mobile first you need silver coins, if you don't have silver coins in your pubg mobile account then you can get it for free. So silver coins are very important to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile. I also write article on how to get free silver coins in PUBG Mobile? So read that if you don't have any silver coins in your pubg account. To get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile you need more than 2000 silver coins in your pubg account. Here is step by step process to get free bag keychain in PUBG Mobile

Open Pubg mobile and click on Shop
PUBG Mobile Shop
PUBG Mobile Shop
Then click on Redeem option

Scroll down until you see keychains

Select your favourite keychain for your bag

PUBG Mobile redeem section
PUBG Mobile ornaments
Purchase it for permanent period by spending your silver coins

Get free silver coins in PUBG Mobile
Purchase keychain in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile free ornaments
Free pumpkin keychain in PUBG
By using this trick you can also purchase new skins for free in PUBG Mobile. But for this you need over 5000 silver coins to get best clothes for your pubg character. There is also option to get it for short period of time like one week or month, but I suggest you to don't go for it because that clothes are not available to use after the specific period. Try to get it for permanent period.

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PUBG Mobile Shop for BP coins
PUBG Mobile free bag keychains
Some PUBG ornaments are available to purchase by spending your BP coins, but for this you need to purchase PUBG subscription.

Different types of ornaments in PUBG Mobile
Exchange BP into ornaments in PUBG
So, using this method anyone can get free ornaments or bag keychains in PUBG Mobile. I write this article because lots of PUBG Mobile players asked about, where and how to get free ornaments in PUBG Mobile without spending any UC? Stay connected with us for more tips and tricks related to PUBG Mobile. Don't forget to share this article with your teammates and friends. Have a nice day!

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Top 5 Mobile Gaming Accessories To Become a Pro Player

PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile are the most played games in the world, lots of gaming lovers play these games on daily basis. Today we are going to know about the best gadgets for gaming, which can helps you to make your gameplay more better and fast. All these mobile gaming accessories are invented to make your gameplay more faster. These gaming accessories can makes you a best pro player and increase your reflection speed. Here are some best mobile gaming accessories to become a pro player.

Wireless gaming joystick for mobile

Best wireless mobile gamepad
Leoie Bluetooth Gamepad
This is a bluetooth gaming joystick which gives you best playing experience like gaming console. This wireless Joystick is specially designed for mobile gaming and it is very similar to PS4 and Xbox joystick. The Leoie Bluetooth gamepad comes with an attachment, where you can attach your smartphone over the joystick and enjoy console like gaming experience. The SAMEO SG27 is another best wireless Gaming Controller for mobile phones which lets you to mount your smartphone on a stand and place it anywhere you like, Leoie gamepad doesn’t provide that to you.
Best mobile gaming accessories
SAMEO SG27 Joystick

Leoie Bluetooth Gamepad - Buy Now

SAMEO SG27 wireless Joystick - Buy Now

PUBG Mobile Triggers

PUBG Mobile Triggers
RPM PUBG triggers R11
This gaming accessory sold on large scale when PUBG mobile entered in the mobile gaming market. This triggers are especially made for battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena freefire and Call of Duty Mobile which act as an attachments that you can fix at the top of your smartphone while playing games. For using this triggers you have to customise your gaming controls position of fire buttons. By using this triggers you can able to play 6 fingers gameplay, which can definitely helps you to make your gameplay more better and faster than ever before.

PUBG Mobile gaming accessories
SpinBot X2 gaming grip and triggers combo
Mobile gaming triggers are available to purchase online from Rs 225. The high quality triggers are available from Rs 800 and above.

RPM PUBG Mobile Triggers R11 - Buy Now

SpinBot X2 gaming grip and triggers combo - Buy Now

Touch screen joystick for mobile gaming

Best mobile gaming accessories
Touch screen joystick for mobile
This is very interesting and unique gadget for mobile gaming that PUBG, Fortnite and COD players will definitely like. Players can attach this accessory on their mobile screen and it acts as a physical joystick for you unlike the console type joystick. It can provide better control on your aiming and cross hair

The best touch screen gaming joystick is 3EYEPHONE Touch Screen Game Controller Joystick which is available to purchase online for a starting price of Rs 300.

3EYEPHONE Touch Screen Game Controller Joystick - Buy Now

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Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Keyboard

Best gaming keyboard for mobile phones
Gamesir Z1 gaming keyboard

This device is only for the professional mobile gamers, because it is not a cheap one like above. The Gamesir Z1 is the best wireless gaming keyboard for mobile phones will easily cost you around Rs 5,000 online. This wireless bluetooth keyboard also lets you to attach a mouse via type-C converter. By using this gadget you can convert your whole gaming setup into a PC-like gaming station.

The gaming keyboard is currently not available in India, but you can get good deal in the Chinese online store.

Gamesir Z1 wireless keyboard for mobile gaming - Buy Now

Gaming Earphones

Best gaming earphones
Realme wireless earphones with mic
Sound is the most important factors while playing battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Garena freefire and Call of Duty Mobile and especially in close combat situations sounds play a very important role to track your enemies location. The footsteps of your opponent tells you his locations and if you not use good earphones then you can not able to hear your enemies sounds clearly. The earphones is also very important to make a conversation with your teammates and all depends on the sound quality provided by your earphones. Nowadays, the market is filled with lots of new generation earphones, at a very affordable price. So If you are looking to enhance your mobile gaming experience, then you must have to buy these earphones.

Best earphones for gaming
JBL C200SI wired earphones

Realme wireless earphones with mic - Buy Now

JBL C200SI wired earphones - Buy Now

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Best places to visit in Mumbai for kids

Kids are very curious about everything and they like to travel and discover new places. Mumbai is a city of dreams in India, and lots of kids in India likes to explore this beautiful city. So many people come here to fulfill their dreams, but only few of them get a success. There are so many places to visit in Mumbai for kids, where they can learn lots of new things and explore the dream world. Mumbai offers everything for everyone, especially for kids there are so many entertaining things to do like thrilling roller coaster rides, city's historical museums, theme parks, theatres for kids, kids gaming centre and lots more.

Essel World

Best places for kids in Mumbai
Essel World
Essel world is one of the best place for kids to visit in Mumbai. There are so many entertaining things to do for kids and adults also like thrilling water ride, roller coaster rides, gaming centre and lots more. With a wide range of roller coasters and amusement rides there are so many other attractions to explore in Essel world like the ice skating rinds, cricket playgrounds, science museum which is converted from a big ship, bowling and skating. Not only kids, adult peoples also likes to visit these types of places. So don't waste your time in thinking just visit here and experience a new world of entertainment.

Essel world timings : 11 am – 6 pm.

Essel world entry fees : INR 390 to INR 1,500

Location : Essel world Amusement Park, Gorai, Mumbai 400092

Adlabs Imagica

Best places to visit in Mumbai for kids
Adlabs Imagica
Adlabs Imagica is another best theme park to visit near Mumbai. There are so many things to do for every age groups, other than the thrilling rides and gaming centre, Imagica also has a snow park, five restaurants, food trucks and shopping outlets for kids. Adlabs Imagica theme park is best to visit during non-peak timings like, November to April. When the crowd is less that time ticket prices are also less as compare to peak seasons. This is the first International Theme park in India which offers everything at one place like entertainment, gaming, shopping, foods and lots more. This theme park spread over 300-acre area and can accommodate up to 15000 people at a time. Lots of people visit this place every year to enjoy their weekend and in new year season this place face huge crowd.

Timings : 10:30 AM to 08:00 PM

Entry fees : Rs. 1,899/- per person

Location : No. 30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, Khopoli


Best places to visit for kids in Mumbai
Smaaash gaming centre
Smaaash is a best place for playing every types of games, this place is not only for kids, adults can also enjoy this new world of entertainment. It is one stop destination for all types of entertainment and gaming options where you can get variety of gaming activities to choose from. Here are the name of some best games which anyone can enjoy at Smaaash gaming centre, virtual reality games like camel racing, super keeper and walk the plank. The Xd theater gives you a best experience of Jurassic world. There are lots of different things to do which you never seen before, so get ready to entertainment yourself with Smaaash.

Smaaash centre timing : 12 pm to 1 am

Entry fees : Based on your activities

Location : Gate 4, Kamla Mills Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Juhu beach

Beaches in Mumbai
Juhu beach
One of the most favourite location for every Mumbaikars and outsider also. Juhu beach is a best place to visit with your family to experience Mumbai's sunrise and sunset. Early morning and late evening are the best timings to visit the Juhu beach in Mumbai. Lots of people come here to enjoy their day with family and kids. On weekends this place becomes a most crowded place in Mumbai, thousands of people and tourists come here to enjoy their holiday. Lots of kids enjoying the sand games and playing cricket here. So don't forget to visit this beautiful places when you visit Mumbai.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya
Prince of Wales museum (Wikipedia)
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is a great Maratha worrior and their history is also very interested. Every kids need to visit this place to know the story of Shivaji Maharaj and their amazing leadership. For every Mumbaikar Shivaji Maharaj is like a inspiration, their dedication towards the country is very important and everyone needs to know about them. This place dating back to the British period in India. This place is formally known as the Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, which was inaugurated by the wife of George Lloyd, Lady Lloyd. the wife of George. This Museum is ranked in Grade I Heritage Building and also listed in one of the most popular Heritage Museums of country. Through this types of museums we can pass the history of our country to the younger generation.

Visiting time : 10.15 am – 6 pm

Entry Fee : Rs. 30/-

Location : 159-161, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai 400023

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Snow World

Snow World in Mumbai
Snow World Mumbai
Snow World is a best place to enjoy snow games for kids in Mumbai. We can experience snowfall is a very limited part of India and lots of people or kids not experienced the snowfall yet, this snow world is created for them who wants to enjoy the snow in Mumbai. Snow World gives you a same experience of snowfall. There are lots of other options for visitors like entertainment, gaming, food corner, shopping, night life and lots more interesting things to do. This Snow World is built over the 18,000 feet area and it added one more attraction in the city. This first indoor snow park in Mumbai offers so many games like Ice sliding, Ice skating, Snow dance, snow play and snow boarding. The temperature of this place is -10* C, So you don't need to worry about jacket, gloves and shoes, that are available on rent here. If you want to live in snow house (igloo) then you can experience it here. A Snow World is a perfect place to visit with your kids especially on hot summer days.

Timings : 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

Entry fees : Rs. 575/- per hour

Location : Phoenix Market City, 58 - 61, Lower Ground Level, L.B.S. Marg, Kamani Junction, Kurla West, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Wikipedia)
Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the most popular and biggest national park in Mumbai. It is like a green place in mumbai which surrounded by lots of trees and home of many animals. This is a best place to visit with your kids and family to experience wildlife in Mumbai. Sanjay Gandhi National Park has historic and cultural value and it gives many ecological benefits to the city. The main and most important role of this park is to protect this unique animal species and keep balanced relationship between people and nature.

Timings : 7:30AM - 5:30PM

Entry fees : INR 36 per person (excluding safaris, boat rides and other facilities)

Location : Borivali East, Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium

Best places to visit in Mumbai
Nehru Planetarium (image credit - Vaibhav Mahadik)
If you want to know lots of new and interesting things about our galaxy then you have to visit Nehru planetarium with your kids. This theatre cum museum is an architectural marvel in mumbai, where you can visit with your kids to the show them our universe. The amazing dome-shaped architecture of theatre with a wide screen offers real view of our Galaxy. The project installation area is a showcase of many space models. If you love to know about space history then don't miss this place, here you can get knowledgeable tour about the history of our universe. This is a best place for kids to visit in Mumbai, where they can learn some new things about our universe.

Timings : 11 AM to 5 PM (Monday closed)

Entry fees : For adults INR 50 and For child INR 30

Location : Nehru Centre, Dr Annie Besant Road, Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai

Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium (Wikipedia)

The best place and famous attraction in mumbai to experience marine life, Taraporewala Aquarium is certified as India’s most oldest aquarium. This aquarium in mumbai is a house of more than 420 marine species and fish from all over of the Asia. This aquarium has 360 degree acrylic glass tunnel which looks very amazing to see and we can experience beautiful marine life from it. The another best attraction to see here is Touch Pool which is only for exhibition purpose. The popular attractions in Taraporewala Aquarium include moray eels, turtles, starfish, shark fishes and stingrays. This is a perfect place to surprise your kids in Mumbai.

Timings : 10am-8pm (Monday closed)

Entry fees : INR 30/- for children and INR 60/- for adults

Location : Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Marine Drive, Near Charni Road Railway Station, Mumbai 400002.


Best places for kids in Mumbai
KidZania (image credit - Ramesh 4YT)
KidZania is a global Indoor entertainment place specially designed for kids up to the age of 16 years. It is a safe, entertaining and unique Indoor amusement park that inspire & educate kids. So if you are looking for a best place where your kids play and learn new things at the same time, then definitely you have to visit here once.

Timings : 10 AM TO 9 PM

Location : R City Mall, 3rd Floor North Wing, LBS Rd, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai 400086

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Best horror mystery escape games for mobile phones

When I get bored or stressed that time I prefer to play games to get some relief from it. There are many different types of games available for playing nowadays, lots of gaming categories are available to play, like Horror games, escape games, puzzle games, mind games, Battle royale, Multiplayer games, mystery games, adventure games, cooking games, racing games, shooting games, military games, brain games, scary games, fighting games, strategy games and lots more. But today we are going to know about the top 10 horror mystery escape games for Mobile phones.

There are so many horror escape games are available to download, but it is very difficult to find the best one from it which provides great gaming experience. So here is the list of best mysterious horror escape games for you.

Murder Room

Best scary games for Android
Murder Room game
If you like to solve mysterious cases like any detective, then this game is best for you. In which, players have to solve a murder mystery cases. Murder Room is a japanese scary room escape game with plenty of scariest moments. This mysterious adventure game is a first person perspective game, in which player have to solve some of the most complicated puzzles to escape the rooms. In this horror mystery game you are trapped in a room and there is only way to escape from it is solve some mind puzzles.

Download Murder Room game

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact game
This is another best horror mystery game with a surprising fairy tale twist. In this game player have to fight with bloodthirsty goblins which roaming in the halls of an abandoned hospital. Player need to encounter that witch to escape from the hospital. This is a gesture control based game that allow players to use their finger while operating weapons like crossbow or a sword to kill that witch. The controls are very easy to use and visual effects provide great gaming experience which created by Unreal's Game Engine 3.

Download Dark Meadow: The Pact game

Eyes: The Horror Game

Top scary games for Mobile phones
Eyes : The horror game
Eyes is a first person prospective spooky mystery game. In which, player have to solve the mystery of abandoned haunted mansion, collect money, and escape. It looks very easy, but players have to go through lots of suprisingly scariest houses to find and collect bags of cash, which can only be opened with a key. So before finding bags of cash, player need to find the correct key. Sometimes player can hears mysterious scary sounds while searching the bags of cash. If the ghost touches your character, then game over. The best strategy to avoid contact with ghost is run as fast as you can.

Download Eyes: The horror game

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land

Best mystery games for Android mobile
Call of Cthulhu : Wasted Land game
This game provides a perfect scary atmosphere which is required for every horror game. Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land game is Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Reanimator, in which, a group of investigators have to face some scariest monsters, including popular mythos creatures, zombies and spiders.

This is a team based tactical game where you can control a team of investigators armed with weapons and equipments. The unique strategy of this game makes it different from other horror mobile games. In this game you can build your own team, equip them with your own choice of weapons, and plan strategy to kill monsters.

Download Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land game

Mystique Series

Best mystery case games for Mobile phones
Mystique Series game
If you likes to play room-escape horror games, then this game is best for you. It gives you lots of scary moments which can makes your heart beat faster. So be aware of it! If you are a fan of horror escape games then don't miss this three-chapter Mystique series. It has all scary moments which can makes you helpless and confused unless you find all items as fast as possible. Every room is filled with strange symbols, horrific moments, and mind-blowing puzzles which you have to solve to escape from it.

The second chapter of this game is most scariest and confusing too. There is no any code to escape and doors are locked, which definitely makes you a bit confused. You cannot escape from there unless you find all the required items and there you can also experience that someone is watching at you. All these features of this game can easily give you lots of scary goosebumps if you played at night time.

Download Mystique Series game

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Dead Space Android

Dead Space game
The Dead Space Android game has over five scary environments with reanimated corpses. The player need to kill them using the weapons like Core Extractor and Plasma Saw. There you have to face constant fear about necromorphs attack in large numbers. But using simple gesture controls, you need to eliminate these horrible monsters by using weapons at the right moment.

Dead Space Android game is designed for touchscreen devices and it gives you best gaming experience on tablet device with a large screen. The visuals and controls are very awesome and smooth which is easy to learn. The horrible sound effects add more excitement in the game, so wear your headphones and start the ultimate horror adventure with Dead Space.

Download Dead Space Android game

The Abandoned School

Horror school game for mobile
The Abandoned School game
This is a black-and-white survival horror game, where you have to go through lots of horrible moments that can increase your heart beat. This game gives you a most horrible experience if played with headphones. The realistic sound effects and the amazing visuals provides amazing gaming experience.

In this game you have to play the role of a schoolboy and solve the mysterious deaths of his girlfriend and brother. This game allow you to explore every classrooms of the school, interact with objects, solve the mysterious puzzles and uncover the shocking truth of abandoned school. The game also uses your mobile's gyroscope sensor, by using this you can shake your phone to know about past obstacles.

Download Abandoned School game

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary game
This is another best scary game for mobile devices in which a player can catch a glimpse of ghost if he use the phone at the right place and time, because this game uses real-time clock of your device to trigger the events This unique game gives you a very horrible ghost hunting experience of your life.

The developers of this game regularly update this game with its new chapters. The Bloody Mary has multiple endings and every ending is based on the choices of a player. It also has EMF sensor that lets the player to detect a scary moment by pointing device at a right place in your area. There is no any specific place where you can hear or face scary moments. The ghost can come from anywhere which can definitely gives you a horrific experience.

Download Bloody Mary game

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town game
This is the best and most scariest hidden object game you have ever played. in this game you have to enter in a remote town to find hidden object, where you can experience some ghostly visuals of the dead peoples in the town. The music and sound effect is a main base of every horror game which giving a perfect scary environment to the players.

You have to find the secrets objects to uncover a shocking truth of that place. You also have to solve some tricky puzzles which can help you to reach at the next level. There is total 80 locations in this game and more than 10 puzzles. All locations are filled with some hidden clues that leads you to the ultimate truth of shadow town.

Download Twisted Lands: Shadow Town game

Into the Dead

Into the Dead game series
Into the Dead game
This is a zombie survival game, where you get surrounded by a group of zombies in dark forest. You just need to run or kill them using a assault rifle. This is a FPS based zombie survival game for mobile devices where player need to either kill down that zombies or run to survive from them if the bullets in your gun are finished

In this game you have to escape from the jungles and fields which are surrounded by bunch of zombies. You need to rescue the survivor and help him to get away from the infected areas, by running away from them or by killing them. There you can get some weapons and survival items which you can use to get rid of them.

Download Into The Dead game

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Friday, 17 January 2020

Top 5 cutest animals on this planet

We lost many animals and trees in Amazon rainforest fire and now in Australia bushfire. Millions of animals are found dead in Australia bushfire, millions of animals are highly injured and they are fighting for their life in hospitals. This is very sad incident not only for Australia for the whole world. Some people also lost their lives while saving animals in this bushfire. Not only firefighters, but local people also helping injured animals who captured by massive fire in Australia. I never ever seen this type of incident before, this is very heart broken experience for everyone. The images from Australia bushfire are very heart-melting, why this massive fire incident happened in Australia?

Amazon rainforest fire is man-made disaster, which intentionally done by some people's, but Australia bushfire is natural disaster which happened due to the hot temperature. In the month of December temperature in Australia goes upto 41°C which is the main reason behind happening this massive fire in Australia. Fire is a common issue in Australian forest, but anyone didn't expect this type of massive fire. This is very unexpected incident for everyone and because of fast wind this fire spread in all over the forest in some minutes who takes millions of animals life. The most effected animals by Australia bushfire are koalas and kangaroos, because there are large number of koalas and kangaroos living in the forest of Australia as compared to other animals. So today's article is on animals where we know about the most cutest animals on this planet.


The national animal of China
Panda images
Panda is the most cutest animal in the world, their behaviour is just like any small kid which makes them very cute animals in the world. Panda is a native animal of south central China, which is easily recognized by black and white patches across it's body. The giant panda and red panda both look very cute and they are not very dangerous like lion and tiger.


Injured koala in Australia
Koala Australia
Koala mostly found in the forest of Australia, which is now distroyed by massive bushfire and we lost millions of koalas in this incident. Animals are very important part of our planet and we need to protect them from this type of incidents. Koala is the most cutest animal on this planet, because of its friendly behaviour with humans. I feel so sad for those animals who lost their lives in this massive bushfire of Australia. Koala is looks like a little baby and I can't see him crying, because it melts my heart.


Dolphin images
Jumping dolphin
Dolphin is the second most intelligent creature after human on this planet which also look very cute. Dolphin are very friendly animals with humans and they can understand what we want to say them. Dolphins are very smart and they can think like us and also they have very sharp memory. Many times dolphins help others animals or humans to reach at the surface of the beach.

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Rabbit images
Cute rabbit
Rabbits are looks very cute because of their innocent face, but they are also very intelligent animals. Rabbits are good for indoor pets, because they are very adorable animals, but when you take any animal to your house as a pet then you need to be very careful about them. It's your responsibility to take care of them, because animal is like a little cute baby!

Cat or kittens

Cute kitten images
Cute Cat
Kittens or cats are show their high level of cuteness to us especially while they are hungry. Cats are very friendly animals and some people use them for their indoor security, but they can't protect their owners like dogs. Cat also look so cute while sleeping and sleeping is a very favourite part of their life. Normally cats can sleep 15 hours a day!

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How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC?

Booking Tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is not very easy, but possible! Today we are going to know about, How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC website? Difference between General tickets and tatkal tickets is very clear, general tickets are available to book before 3 months of your journey date. While tatkal ticket is available for booking before one day of your traveling date. For booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC website everyone needs to know about the Indian railways rules for tatkal tickets. Because there are different timing for booking tatkal tickets and you need to book your tatkal ticket before the day of your journey. Tatkal ticket is very helpful for those who need urgent tickets for any emergency and for those people who didn't get confirm ticket in general reservation.

Tatkal ticket booking timing on IRCTC
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking rules

What is the timing of tatkal ticket booking?

There are different timings for booking tatkal tickets for AC coach and non AC coach. If the passenger want tatkal tickets of AC coaches then the tatkal booking for AC coaches is starts from 10 am and for non AC coaches tatkal ticket booking starts from 11 am.

How to book tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC?

There are very limited seats in tatkal quota which can be finished in a few minutes after it available for booking. Normal reservation tickets are available for booking before the 3 months of your journey date, but tatkal ticket is available only a day before your journey date. So how we can book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC? Let's know

First decide which ticket you have among AC or non AC and login on IRCTC website before the 5 minutes of booking timing. For AC tatkal ticket timing is 10 am and for non AC tatkal tickets timing is 11 am. So keep in mind that while booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC or also at the Indian railways reservation counter.

Login to your IRCTC profile before 5 minutes of booking time. Select tatkal quota and click on the check availability button exactly before the 1 minute of designated time and then press refresh button when booking booking time is come. Please don't refresh your browser, there is one refresh button on IRCTC website to check ticket booking status, so try to refresh at perfect timing. Because ticket "book" button is only seen at the correct timing 10 am for AC and 11 AM for non AC coaches. So click on refresh button two three times at 10:59 am.

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Google Chrome is the best browser for booking tickets on IRCTC, because it provides many options for user so he or She can book their tickets faster than other browsers. Fill passengers list before one or two hours of the booking time and use it later while booking instead of manually filling all the passenger details. Because when you fill passengers details in IRCTC crome saves your information and at the time of booking you don't need to waste your time on typing names, ages and other information again and again. Chrome shows you the recently used passenger names when you type first latter of his/her name. This method can saves lots of time and increase the chances of getting confirm tatkal ticket.

Every second is very important while booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Chrome also provide some third party extension which can helps you to fill all passengers details in just a single click. IRCTC tatkal ticket autofill extension is best for booking tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC. Using this chrome extension passenger can book their tatkal ticket in just 30 sec. All you need to do is enter your ticket details and this chrome plugin save all your journey information on your computer and automatically fill all the details of your journey when you log in on IRCTC. Passenger just have to fill the Captcha codes. It works perfectly on new generation e-ticketing system of IRCTC. 

There are also some other option available for booking tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC like third party software, but for this you need to spend some money to buy this software. This is not legal method to book tatkal ticket which is used by most of the ticket agents. This software can automatically book many tatkal ticket in one time when booking starts. That's why IRCTC put some restrictions on the third party agents. 

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking tricks

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules

Tatkal ticket booking window opens 1 day in advance. For e.g. if your travel date is on 10th then tatkal booking will open for you on 9th. Other side, if your journey date at boarding station is 10th and the train starting date from the origin station is 9th, then tatkal booking will open for you on 8th.

Tatkal ticket booking timing

For all AC coaches - 10 am
For all non AC coaches - 11 am

Can passenger travel with tatkal waiting ticket in Indian railways?

Yes, passengers can travel in Indian railways with tatkal waiting ticket (TQWL), but only when that ticket is booked from indian railway's official ticket booking counter. Passenger can only travel in Indian railway with TQWL ticket if he or she has counter printed tickets. 

Any passenger with waiting E-ticket (tickets booked through IRCTC website) are not allowed to board the train, because online booked waiting ticket is automatically cancelled after the train chart preparation if it's not get confirm.

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How to cancel tatkal ticket on IRCTC?

Log in to your IRCTC account

Go to ‘Cancel Ticket’ section

Now enter your ticket PNR number and click on cancel ticket

No any refund is provided on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket on IRCTC and also at the counter

But, in case if you have a confirmed tatkal ticket and your train is running late by 3 hrs or more then you can claim your refunds on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket from IRCTC by filing a TDR request on IRCTC website

Cancellation of RAC/Wait List Tatkal ticket

If you want to cancel your RAC or Waiting List Tatkal ticket then do it before the 30 min of your train departure timing, the traveller is entitled for full refund amount with a minimum cancellation charge of Rs.60.

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