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Best horror mystery escape games for mobile phones

When I get bored or stressed that time I prefer to play games to get some relief from it. There are many different types of games available for playing nowadays, lots of gaming categories are available to play, like Horror games, escape games, puzzle games, mind games, Battle royale, Multiplayer games, mystery games, adventure games, cooking games, racing games, shooting games, military games, brain games, scary games, fighting games, strategy games and lots more. But today we are going to know about the top 10 horror mystery escape games for Mobile phones.

There are so many horror escape games are available to download, but it is very difficult to find the best one from it which provides great gaming experience. So here is the list of best mysterious horror escape games for you.

Murder Room

Best scary games for Android
Murder Room game
If you like to solve mysterious cases like any detective, then this game is best for you. In which, players have to solve a murder mystery cases. Murder Room is a japanese scary room escape game with plenty of scariest moments. This mysterious adventure game is a first person perspective game, in which player have to solve some of the most complicated puzzles to escape the rooms. In this horror mystery game you are trapped in a room and there is only way to escape from it is solve some mind puzzles.

Download Murder Room game

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact game
This is another best horror mystery game with a surprising fairy tale twist. In this game player have to fight with bloodthirsty goblins which roaming in the halls of an abandoned hospital. Player need to encounter that witch to escape from the hospital. This is a gesture control based game that allow players to use their finger while operating weapons like crossbow or a sword to kill that witch. The controls are very easy to use and visual effects provide great gaming experience which created by Unreal's Game Engine 3.

Download Dark Meadow: The Pact game

Eyes: The Horror Game

Top scary games for Mobile phones
Eyes : The horror game
Eyes is a first person prospective spooky mystery game. In which, player have to solve the mystery of abandoned haunted mansion, collect money, and escape. It looks very easy, but players have to go through lots of suprisingly scariest houses to find and collect bags of cash, which can only be opened with a key. So before finding bags of cash, player need to find the correct key. Sometimes player can hears mysterious scary sounds while searching the bags of cash. If the ghost touches your character, then game over. The best strategy to avoid contact with ghost is run as fast as you can.

Download Eyes: The horror game

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land

Best mystery games for Android mobile
Call of Cthulhu : Wasted Land game
This game provides a perfect scary atmosphere which is required for every horror game. Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land game is Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Reanimator, in which, a group of investigators have to face some scariest monsters, including popular mythos creatures, zombies and spiders.

This is a team based tactical game where you can control a team of investigators armed with weapons and equipments. The unique strategy of this game makes it different from other horror mobile games. In this game you can build your own team, equip them with your own choice of weapons, and plan strategy to kill monsters.

Download Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land game

Mystique Series

Best mystery case games for Mobile phones
Mystique Series game
If you likes to play room-escape horror games, then this game is best for you. It gives you lots of scary moments which can makes your heart beat faster. So be aware of it! If you are a fan of horror escape games then don't miss this three-chapter Mystique series. It has all scary moments which can makes you helpless and confused unless you find all items as fast as possible. Every room is filled with strange symbols, horrific moments, and mind-blowing puzzles which you have to solve to escape from it.

The second chapter of this game is most scariest and confusing too. There is no any code to escape and doors are locked, which definitely makes you a bit confused. You cannot escape from there unless you find all the required items and there you can also experience that someone is watching at you. All these features of this game can easily give you lots of scary goosebumps if you played at night time.

Download Mystique Series game

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Dead Space Android

Dead Space game
The Dead Space Android game has over five scary environments with reanimated corpses. The player need to kill them using the weapons like Core Extractor and Plasma Saw. There you have to face constant fear about necromorphs attack in large numbers. But using simple gesture controls, you need to eliminate these horrible monsters by using weapons at the right moment.

Dead Space Android game is designed for touchscreen devices and it gives you best gaming experience on tablet device with a large screen. The visuals and controls are very awesome and smooth which is easy to learn. The horrible sound effects add more excitement in the game, so wear your headphones and start the ultimate horror adventure with Dead Space.

Download Dead Space Android game

The Abandoned School

Horror school game for mobile
The Abandoned School game
This is a black-and-white survival horror game, where you have to go through lots of horrible moments that can increase your heart beat. This game gives you a most horrible experience if played with headphones. The realistic sound effects and the amazing visuals provides amazing gaming experience.

In this game you have to play the role of a schoolboy and solve the mysterious deaths of his girlfriend and brother. This game allow you to explore every classrooms of the school, interact with objects, solve the mysterious puzzles and uncover the shocking truth of abandoned school. The game also uses your mobile's gyroscope sensor, by using this you can shake your phone to know about past obstacles.

Download Abandoned School game

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary game
This is another best scary game for mobile devices in which a player can catch a glimpse of ghost if he use the phone at the right place and time, because this game uses real-time clock of your device to trigger the events This unique game gives you a very horrible ghost hunting experience of your life.

The developers of this game regularly update this game with its new chapters. The Bloody Mary has multiple endings and every ending is based on the choices of a player. It also has EMF sensor that lets the player to detect a scary moment by pointing device at a right place in your area. There is no any specific place where you can hear or face scary moments. The ghost can come from anywhere which can definitely gives you a horrific experience.

Download Bloody Mary game

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town game
This is the best and most scariest hidden object game you have ever played. in this game you have to enter in a remote town to find hidden object, where you can experience some ghostly visuals of the dead peoples in the town. The music and sound effect is a main base of every horror game which giving a perfect scary environment to the players.

You have to find the secrets objects to uncover a shocking truth of that place. You also have to solve some tricky puzzles which can help you to reach at the next level. There is total 80 locations in this game and more than 10 puzzles. All locations are filled with some hidden clues that leads you to the ultimate truth of shadow town.

Download Twisted Lands: Shadow Town game

Into the Dead

Into the Dead game series
Into the Dead game
This is a zombie survival game, where you get surrounded by a group of zombies in dark forest. You just need to run or kill them using a assault rifle. This is a FPS based zombie survival game for mobile devices where player need to either kill down that zombies or run to survive from them if the bullets in your gun are finished

In this game you have to escape from the jungles and fields which are surrounded by bunch of zombies. You need to rescue the survivor and help him to get away from the infected areas, by running away from them or by killing them. There you can get some weapons and survival items which you can use to get rid of them.

Download Into The Dead game

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Top 5 cutest animals on this planet

We lost many animals and trees in Amazon rainforest fire and now in Australia bushfire. Millions of animals are found dead in Australia bushfire, millions of animals are highly injured and they are fighting for their life in hospitals. This is very sad incident not only for Australia for the whole world. Some people also lost their lives while saving animals in this bushfire. Not only firefighters, but local people also helping injured animals who captured by massive fire in Australia. I never ever seen this type of incident before, this is very heart broken experience for everyone. The images from Australia bushfire are very heart-melting, why this massive fire incident happened in Australia?

Amazon rainforest fire is man-made disaster, which intentionally done by some people's, but Australia bushfire is natural disaster which happened due to the hot temperature. In the month of December temperature in Australia goes upto 41°C which is the main reason behind happening this massive fire in Australia. Fire is a common issue in Australian forest, but anyone didn't expect this type of massive fire. This is very unexpected incident for everyone and because of fast wind this fire spread in all over the forest in some minutes who takes millions of animals life. The most effected animals by Australia bushfire are koalas and kangaroos, because there are large number of koalas and kangaroos living in the forest of Australia as compared to other animals. So today's article is on animals where we know about the most cutest animals on this planet.


The national animal of China
Panda images
Panda is the most cutest animal in the world, their behaviour is just like any small kid which makes them very cute animals in the world. Panda is a native animal of south central China, which is easily recognized by black and white patches across it's body. The giant panda and red panda both look very cute and they are not very dangerous like lion and tiger.


Injured koala in Australia
Koala Australia
Koala mostly found in the forest of Australia, which is now distroyed by massive bushfire and we lost millions of koalas in this incident. Animals are very important part of our planet and we need to protect them from this type of incidents. Koala is the most cutest animal on this planet, because of its friendly behaviour with humans. I feel so sad for those animals who lost their lives in this massive bushfire of Australia. Koala is looks like a little baby and I can't see him crying, because it melts my heart.


Dolphin images
Jumping dolphin
Dolphin is the second most intelligent creature after human on this planet which also look very cute. Dolphin are very friendly animals with humans and they can understand what we want to say them. Dolphins are very smart and they can think like us and also they have very sharp memory. Many times dolphins help others animals or humans to reach at the surface of the beach.

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Rabbit images
Cute rabbit
Rabbits are looks very cute because of their innocent face, but they are also very intelligent animals. Rabbits are good for indoor pets, because they are very adorable animals, but when you take any animal to your house as a pet then you need to be very careful about them. It's your responsibility to take care of them, because animal is like a little cute baby!

Cat or kittens

Cute kitten images
Cute Cat
Kittens or cats are show their high level of cuteness to us especially while they are hungry. Cats are very friendly animals and some people use them for their indoor security, but they can't protect their owners like dogs. Cat also look so cute while sleeping and sleeping is a very favourite part of their life. Normally cats can sleep 15 hours a day!

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How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC?

Booking Tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is not very easy, but possible! Today we are going to know about, How to book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC website? Difference between General tickets and tatkal tickets is very clear, general tickets are available to book before 3 months of your journey date. While tatkal ticket is available for booking before one day of your traveling date. For booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC website everyone needs to know about the Indian railways rules for tatkal tickets. Because there are different timing for booking tatkal tickets and you need to book your tatkal ticket before the day of your journey. Tatkal ticket is very helpful for those who need urgent tickets for any emergency and for those people who didn't get confirm ticket in general reservation.

Tatkal ticket booking timing on IRCTC
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking rules

What is the timing of tatkal ticket booking?

There are different timings for booking tatkal tickets for AC coach and non AC coach. If the passenger want tatkal tickets of AC coaches then the tatkal booking for AC coaches is starts from 10 am and for non AC coaches tatkal ticket booking starts from 11 am.

How to book tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC?

There are very limited seats in tatkal quota which can be finished in a few minutes after it available for booking. Normal reservation tickets are available for booking before the 3 months of your journey date, but tatkal ticket is available only a day before your journey date. So how we can book tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC? Let's know

First decide which ticket you have among AC or non AC and login on IRCTC website before the 5 minutes of booking timing. For AC tatkal ticket timing is 10 am and for non AC tatkal tickets timing is 11 am. So keep in mind that while booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC or also at the Indian railways reservation counter.

Login to your IRCTC profile before 5 minutes of booking time. Select tatkal quota and click on the check availability button exactly before the 1 minute of designated time and then press refresh button when booking booking time is come. Please don't refresh your browser, there is one refresh button on IRCTC website to check ticket booking status, so try to refresh at perfect timing. Because ticket "book" button is only seen at the correct timing 10 am for AC and 11 AM for non AC coaches. So click on refresh button two three times at 10:59 am.

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Google Chrome is the best browser for booking tickets on IRCTC, because it provides many options for user so he or She can book their tickets faster than other browsers. Fill passengers list before one or two hours of the booking time and use it later while booking instead of manually filling all the passenger details. Because when you fill passengers details in IRCTC crome saves your information and at the time of booking you don't need to waste your time on typing names, ages and other information again and again. Chrome shows you the recently used passenger names when you type first latter of his/her name. This method can saves lots of time and increase the chances of getting confirm tatkal ticket.

Every second is very important while booking tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Chrome also provide some third party extension which can helps you to fill all passengers details in just a single click. IRCTC tatkal ticket autofill extension is best for booking tatkal ticket fast on IRCTC. Using this chrome extension passenger can book their tatkal ticket in just 30 sec. All you need to do is enter your ticket details and this chrome plugin save all your journey information on your computer and automatically fill all the details of your journey when you log in on IRCTC. Passenger just have to fill the Captcha codes. It works perfectly on new generation e-ticketing system of IRCTC. 

There are also some other option available for booking tatkal ticket faster on IRCTC like third party software, but for this you need to spend some money to buy this software. This is not legal method to book tatkal ticket which is used by most of the ticket agents. This software can automatically book many tatkal ticket in one time when booking starts. That's why IRCTC put some restrictions on the third party agents. 

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking tricks

Indian railway tatkal ticket booking rules

Tatkal ticket booking window opens 1 day in advance. For e.g. if your travel date is on 10th then tatkal booking will open for you on 9th. Other side, if your journey date at boarding station is 10th and the train starting date from the origin station is 9th, then tatkal booking will open for you on 8th.

Tatkal ticket booking timing

For all AC coaches - 10 am
For all non AC coaches - 11 am

Can passenger travel with tatkal waiting ticket in Indian railways?

Yes, passengers can travel in Indian railways with tatkal waiting ticket (TQWL), but only when that ticket is booked from indian railway's official ticket booking counter. Passenger can only travel in Indian railway with TQWL ticket if he or she has counter printed tickets. 

Any passenger with waiting E-ticket (tickets booked through IRCTC website) are not allowed to board the train, because online booked waiting ticket is automatically cancelled after the train chart preparation if it's not get confirm.

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How to cancel tatkal ticket on IRCTC?

Log in to your IRCTC account

Go to ‘Cancel Ticket’ section

Now enter your ticket PNR number and click on cancel ticket

No any refund is provided on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket on IRCTC and also at the counter

But, in case if you have a confirmed tatkal ticket and your train is running late by 3 hrs or more then you can claim your refunds on cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket from IRCTC by filing a TDR request on IRCTC website

Cancellation of RAC/Wait List Tatkal ticket

If you want to cancel your RAC or Waiting List Tatkal ticket then do it before the 30 min of your train departure timing, the traveller is entitled for full refund amount with a minimum cancellation charge of Rs.60.

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Top 10 Most luxurious car brands in the world

Top Supercar Brands In The World

Most expensive cars in the world
Most luxurious supercar in the world

Did you know that, who is the owners of most popular luxury car brands Ferrari, BMW, Bugatti, Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover, Lamborghini? Did anyone knows that, what is the top speed of most popular supercars in the world?, if not then today we are going to know about the most luxurious supercar brands in the world. These are the most expensive cars in the world, which can be affordable only for rich and wealthy people in the world. All these cars are not only known for their luxurious features but also for top running speed, some car brands are concentrate on giving more luxurious features and smooth ride to their customers than speed.


Ferrari car prices in the world
Most fastest car in the world
Nowadays every one knows about Ferrari, because it is the most fastest car in the world. But if you ask me, which is the most fastest car in the world?, Then there is tough competition between Bugatti Chiron (304 mph) and Hennessey Venom F5 (301 mph). Ferrari is a Italian luxury sport car brand which was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, the top Ferrari models are Ferrari 250 GT California, Ferrari 250 TR, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari 275 GTB, Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F40, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and Ferrari LaFerrari. The top speed of Ferrari is 217 mph. Ferrari cars are made for speed so only two people can able to seat in it, but now Ferrari introduced some 4 seater models also. The Ferrari 4 seater car models also has fast speed, which can reach upto 208 mph.


Lamborghini car prices in the world
Best sport car in the world
Lamborghini is very popular for its beautiful design and shape, it is one of the most powerful and popular supercar brands in the world. The top speed of Lamborghini is 217 mph and with this speed it's become a member of most high-speed cars in the world. The most popular and top Lamborghini models are Veneto, Egoista, Sesto Elemento, Aventador, Urus, Gallardo and Huracan. Lamborghini is also a Italian automobile manufacturing company which owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi.


Jaguar land rover car prices in the world
Who is the owner of Jaguar land rover?
Jaguar is one of the most luxurious supercar brand in the world, it is very popular for its high speed four seater luxury car models. The Jaguar brand is owned by Indian automobile company Tata motors and they named it as Jaguar land rover. XJ220 is the most High speed Jaguar model, which can provide top speed upto 213 mph.

Mercedes Benz

Top models of Mercedes Benz
Mercedes car prices in the world
Mercedes Benz is a most popular automobile brand for its luxurious car models, it is built for luxurious and smooth riding not for high speed. Mercedes Benz is a German automobile company owned by Daimler AG and known for its luxury SUV's, vanity vans, trucks, buses, coaches and ambulances. The most High speed model of Mercedes Benz "AMG GT" can provide top speed upto 198 mph. Some top models of Mercedes Benz are Mercedes AMG GT, Mercedes GLC, Mercedes GLA Class, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes Benz E class, Mercedes Benz V class and Mercedes Benz S class.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin top models
Aston Martin car prices
Aston Martin is a very famous car from James bond movie series and it is known as a James bond car. Aston Martin is a British automobile manufacturing company which was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913. This car brand is very famous for its iconic and luxurious Aston Martin car models like DB11, Vanquish, Rapide, Vantage. The most High speed Aston Martin model is one-77, which can provide top speed upto 220 mph. The owner of Aston Martin car brand is David Richards, Ford Motor Company has sold Aston Martin to David Richards on 12 March 2007.

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Top best Supercars in the world
Porsche 911 car model price
Porsche is a German automobile manufacturing company which makes stylish and luxurious sport cars. Porsche is a very famous brand in luxury cars, there are many luxurious and sporty Porsche supercars in market like Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche macan, Porsche taycan and Porsche panamera. The top speed of Porsche high speed model 911 GT RS is 211 mph. Porsche cars are very popular for its high speed and stylish design.


Most expensive and luxurious cars in the world
BMW Top models
The full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke, it is a German multinational automobile company which produce luxury cars and bikes. BMW cars are not for speed lovers, it is made for luxurious and smooth rides. BMW is a tough competitor of Mercedes Benz in luxury cars. The top speed of most high speed BMW car model M4 GTS is 190 mph and the top speed of BMW superbike model K 1200 S is 174 mph. Top BMW bike models are BMW K 1600 B, BMW G 310 R, BMW G 310 GS, BMW 2019 S 1000 RR and latest BMW R 1250 R. Top BMW luxurious car models are  BMW X1, BMW Z4, BMW X7, BMW X4, BMW X3, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series and BMW M2 and most expensive M760i.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce owners
Rolls Royce Phantom price
The most luxurious car brand in the world for enjoying royale life, Rolls Royce is a most expensive car brand in the world which produce luxury cars and if you ask me who is the owner of Rolls Royce? Then surprisingly BMW is a owner of most luxurious automobile brand in the world. Yes! Rolls Royce brand in owned by BMW. The most popular and luxurious Rolls Royce car models are Rolls Royce Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Rolls Royce Dawn and Rolls Royce Wraith.


Top Bugatti car models
Bugatti Chiron images
Bugatti is a most high speed supercar in the world which looks like a beast. Ettore Bugatti is a french automobile manufacturing company which produce high speed supercar worldwide and it affordable only for millionaires. The top speed of most high speed Bugatti model Chiron is 304 mph. The top models of Bugatti are Veyron, Chiron and Divo.


Bentley top selling models
Bentley car prices
Bentley Motors Limited is a British automobile manufacturing company which produce luxury cars and SUVs in all over the world and since 1998 it is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. If you want a well crafted luxury car and you have deep pockets, then there is no any better choice than Bentley. It's Fast, stylish and great to drive which gives you a very amazing experience of your life. But you have to spend lots of money for this! The top models of Bentley are Bentayga, Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne. The top speed of Bentley's high speed car model flying spur is 207 mph.

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What is bot and how to spot them in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena freefire are the most popular online mobile multiplayer games right now. Many players wants to know about, how to spot bots in PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena freefire, Fortnite and other multiplayer games? Nowadays, many popular PC games like PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty working hard to makes their gaming environment Mobile Friendly, so peoples can enjoy PC like experience on their mobile phones. While playing this types of virtual reality games many players didn't know anything about bots, so in this article i will tell you about, how to identify bots in PUBG Mobile?

How to spot a bot in game
How to spot a bot in PUBG Mobile

Before knowing about, how to spot bots in games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Garena freefire? We need to know, what is bots in the game?

What is a bot?

In simple words, bot is a computer generated character which controlled by CPU or AI. All bots are dressed as real players and that's why it is very hard to identify them by their clothing, so how we can identify bot players in the games? Bot players looks same like other players, they occupied with backpacks, guns and helmets like real players in the game, so how we can find difference between bot player and real player?

How to identify bots in PUBG Mobile and other multiplayer games?

How to know bot players in the game?
Bots in PUBG Mobile

  • In battle royale games like PUBG and Call of Duty we can spot bots in low or medium loot locations or if you are alone or landing in low rush locations on the map. To identify any bot player we need to know their features and how they move and shoot. 

  • Bot players can't able to move and shoot like real players in the game, they just stop at one position and starts to shoot towards you.

  • Bots have guns, backpack and helmets, but they don't have greneds and any player can identify them by their firing style, bots use brust firing mode and can't continuously fire like real players in the game

  • Player can Kill any bot easily in the game with pan or by punch and get some weapons and armours. Bots are mostly spot in low density loot locations areas where you can get best guns and other armour equipments by killing a bot player.

  • Bots can also be found in buildings and two story houses, but they can't instantly shoot towards you. Stand and shoot towards the enemy is the most common feature of bot players in the game.

  • Bots usually carry certain guns like M16A4, Tommy Gun, uzi or UMP 9. If you don't find any gun after landing, then try to kill a bot player to get some weapons and armours.

  • When any player play his first ever match, then he can spot many bot players in the game, so it's easy to win a Chicken Dinner for him. The first match is tutorials to ease you into PUBG Mobile.

  • To get real players in the game players have to increase their levels, because bots mostly appear in the matches of low level players. So keep playing and level up your game profile, then you will find more real players in the game.

  • Real Players can also identify bot players by their name after killing them, because the name of bot player is very different from others.

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So these are some points by using them you can spot bot players easily in PUBG Mobile or other battle royale games. I hope this post helpful for you to know about bot in the game. Bot is a very important part of every virtual reality game, if there is no any real player available in the game computer automatically generate bot players to start the game and players don't have to wait for long time to starts their gameplay.

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Shin Chan house in Japan - Kasukabe Town

Japan is very famous country for animation and cartoons. Some places in Japan like Kasukabe got huge popularity because of popular japanese cartoons like Doraemon, Shin Chan, Kiteretsu and many more. That spot featured in cartoon series is now become a famous tourist destination, lots of tourists come here to see the Shin Chan's town Kasukabe in real life. If you don't know Shin Chan or Doraemon, then these are the popular cartoon character in Japan which are now become popular in all over the world. Who is Shin Chan? Shin Chan is a 5 year old cartoon character of Shin Chan television series who lives in Kasukabe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan. He lives in Kasukabe township with his parents, baby sister, dog and friends, Shin Chan's dad name is Harry and mom is misae nohara, his little sister name is himawari nohara and shinchan's dog name is shiro. This is the small and happy family of shinchan.

Kasukabe town in Japan
Kasukabe railway station
In some recent years, there are many Shin Chan's movie released in different languages, in which we saw the adventures of Shin Chan's Life. I also love to watch Shin Chan, because this is one of my favourite cartoon series. The funny activities of five year old kid always makes me to laugh hard. In this cartoon series we can see Shin-Chan's school, Kasukabe railway station and shopping centre in Kasukabe town. But in real life Shin Chan's Kasukabe town is available to explore in Saitama prefecture of Japan. There are lots of Shin Chan related things to see, bacause many places of shin chan cartoon series is taken from Kasukabe town in Japan. Kasukabe river, Kasukabe railway station, Shin Chan's school in Kasukabe, Kasukabe shipping centre are real life locations in Japan's Saitama prefecture. Kasukabe city in Japan is famous for Shin Chan's house, but in real life there is no any Shin Chan house located in Kasukabe. Shin Chan cartoon series made this small town of Japan popular one. Lots of tourists from different countries of the world come here with their childrens to see the Shin-Chan's town Kasukabe. Here you can get all things related to Shin Chan like Shin Chan's favourite action hero "Action kamen" toys, Shin Chan toys and lots more.

Shin Chan house in Kasukabe city
Kasukabe city in Japan
Kasukabe city in Japan is famous for the kiri-tansu production, a traditional dress which made from paulownia wood. There is also a crayon Shin Chan Game centre, which definitely you have to explore when you visit Japan. Lots of game, Shin Chan toys, Shin Chan merchandise, Shin Chan cards and many more things to see or purchase. If you want to play the games at crayon Shin Chan game centre, then You will need spare change of 100 yen coins. But in case if you don't have change, there is also a spare change machine

To get spare change from this machine you need to insert notes of 1000 yen and get coins in exchange. So you don’t have to worry about change!

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Crayon Shin Chan game centre in Japan
Crayon Shin Chan game centre

How to reach at crayon Shin Chan game centre?

it is located close to Kasukabe railway station, so the best way to go by train, this is the very easiest way to reach there. It is just located 5 minutes walking distance from the Kasukabe station.

Admission Fee - Free
Opening - 10 AM-8 PM
Address - 3rd floor, lala garden kasukabe,  Minami, Kasukabe-shi1-1-1, Saitama, 344-0064
Official site -

Shin Chan shopping centre in Kasukabe
Crayon Shin Chan game centre
Kasukabe is a very small place in Japan which can easily explore in one day. Being a small town there are no many things to do and attractions to visit expect Shin Chan town.

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Most viral videos on YouTube of all time | Destinationbucket

YouTube is now become a most powerful platform to show your talent to the whole world. There are lots of people in the world who got popularity because their videos gone viral on YouTube. The most popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber was got huge popularity after upload his first song video viral on YouTube. Nowadays many people making YouTube movies, vlogs and also short film or web series with their mobile phones and got millions of subscribers on YouTube and getting huge fan following (How to get subscribers on YouTube?). Also lots of Pro Gamers upload their Gameplay videos on YouTube and getting huge fan following. YouTube is a best place for creative people, where they can show their creative ideas to the world. For youtube videos you don't need to purchase any high quality video cameras or video recorders, just have one mobile phone with good camera to show your skills.

Most viewed videos on YouTube
Most viewed Youtube videos

This days many people starting their personal vlogging or Gaming channels on YouTube and earning good money with it. That's why, lots of people choosing their career as a YouTube vlogger and YouTube Gamer. There are lots of famous YouTube vloggers in the world, like PewDiePie, Mr Beast, Dude Perfect and many more. So today we are not going to know about the best youtube vloggers in the world, we are going to know about the most popular and viral YouTube videos in the world. So let's get start!

Top viral videos of all time

Dad and little daughter singing girls like you

Little girl singing girls like you

Girls like you is one of the most popular songs on YouTube, which sung by maroon 5 band. Girl's like you song of maroon 5 hits millions of views on YouTube after just few hours of upload. Most of the viral videos on YouTube are related to music videos (most of them are Tiktok videos). So if you want to make your video viral on YouTube, then makes music related videos. The amazing lip syncing of this adorable little girl with her dad on the girls like you song is got millions of views from all over the world. This video is featured in the YouTube trending list of many countries. Because of the perfect lip syncing of this little girl this video is called as the most adorable video on YouTube.

White girl dancing on African song

White girl dancing on African song

The African dance style is very unique and looks more energetic, African dance is very easy for African people, because they learn this African dance steps from their childhood. But for white people it is very hard to learn and you need lots of energy to do that African dance moves. This video gone viral on YouTube, because there is white girl dancing with African kids, which is very perfect in African dance style. When people saw one white girl dancing with African kids on African song without losing single step they really feel amazed. This white girl name is Karina Palmira, which is very perfect in African dance style. I also watched this video more than 20 times, because the music and energy level of this kids are awesome.

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

Adorable videos on YouTube

This is the most adorable video on YouTube I ever watched, this video shows the beautiful relationship between brother and sister. The elder sister Sadie is crying because she doesn't want her little brother to grow up. In my childhood, I also doesn't want my little sister to grow up, because after grow up we can't play with each other like our childhood days. Sometimes we have to separate from each others because of some family issues and we can't able to make fun like our childhood days. Our childhood gifts us lots of adorable memories which we can't forget in our lifetime. Sometimes sister and brother don't talk with each others after growing up because of some issues between them. But in childhood we can't live without each other, after watching this video I feels like I am enjoying my childhood days.

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Passengers push the train to free a man

The power of unity

This video shows the good example of humanity and power of unity. One man trapped between the train and platform and all passengers comes to help them and push the train from one side. This video is a live example of humanity is still alive in the world. This incident was happened at Perth railway station of Australia. Not only mens, womens are also comes to push the train to free that man. This is a great act of kindness showed by the people of Perth, Australia.

Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

 Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

Cristiano Ronaldo, a most popular football player, which is well known for his amazing playing skills. This player is a inspiration for many football lovers, he loves to daily workout to make his body fit and healthy. Cristiano Ronaldo is very famous for his amazing goals and he breaks many world records in football. He is also known for his huge donations to the charities. This prank video is filmed in the Madrid Street of Spain and Cristiano Ronaldo changed his getup as a poor begger for this video. He seat on the road for many hours and playing football with street walkers, but no one can noticed him and also people don't give any interest to play football with him. Everytime he try to pass his football to the strangers but many people ignore him. But when one Little kid comes to play with him, he remove his all get-up and show him his real face behind the face of begger man. After that face reveal, many people come to see him, but he only gives his football with autograph to that little kids.

Apparently kid - Noah Ritter

Apparently kid video

This kind is amazing and funny, I can't stop my Laugh while watching this video. Sofia Ojeda is a news reporter comes to take interview of small children's, then he sees Noah and ask him some questions but he steals the show with his hilarious answers of every question. This video make him a very famous personality and after that he was also invited in the Ellen's show and many other popular television shows of America. If you feel sad or depressed then watch this video, which can definitely makes your day! The talking styles of Noah Ritter is a very different from others and also hilarious too.

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Animal saved humans life

Animal saved humans life

Humanity is also seen in animal, more than human! Many time we saw or listen that animal saved humans life. Animals are far better than human in the act of kindness, there are many cases in which animal protected human form death. People thinks, some animals are very dangerous for humans mostly wild animals and they're very harmful for us, but no any animal attack on you without any reason. Why animals are attacking on human? Because humans destroyed their houses. No any animal cut the trees to make their houses they live on the trees or in the caves, because they know the importance of nature. But human don't know it, and that's why many times nature warn us by showing its power in the form of landslides, floods, tornado or earthquake. The only reason behind the destroying earth is "selfishness of human", earth is for everyone and every living thing on the earth has same right to live, then why we are destroying their houses? And what we expect from them in return? They also has families, they also wants to protect their childrens and the main thing they protects nature not destroying like us.

Recently, the Amazon rainforest which is a only biggest rainforest in the whole world and home of many different types of rare animal species was captured by the biggest Firestrom and lots of innocent animals lost their lives in it. We all need to save the amazon rainforest, because this is a only biggest source of oxygen and medicinal plants and also we need to protect there animals too. We are making the jungle of concrete by destroying nature, which is very harmful for us in future. If you cut single tree for any reason please plant 3 or more trees there or anywhere you want, saving and planting more trees is the only way to save the Nature.

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