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Most viral videos on YouTube of all time | Destinationbucket

YouTube is now become a most powerful platform to show your talent to the whole world. There are lots of people in the world who got popularity because their videos gone viral on YouTube. The most popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber was got huge popularity after upload his first song video viral on YouTube. Nowadays many people making YouTube movies, vlogs and also short film or web series with their mobile phones and got millions of subscribers on YouTube and getting huge fan following (How to get subscribers on YouTube?). Also lots of Pro Gamers upload their Gameplay videos on YouTube and getting huge fan following. YouTube is a best place for creative people, where they can show their creative ideas to the world. For youtube videos you don't need to purchase any high quality video cameras or video recorders, just have one mobile phone with good camera to show your skills.

Most viewed videos on YouTube
Most viewed Youtube videos

This days many people starting their personal vlogging or Gaming channels on YouTube and earning good money with it. That's why, lots of people choosing their career as a YouTube vlogger and YouTube Gamer. There are lots of famous YouTube vloggers in the world, like PewDiePie, Mr Beast, Dude Perfect and many more. So today we are not going to know about the best youtube vloggers in the world, we are going to know about the most popular and viral YouTube videos in the world. So let's get start!

Top viral videos of all time

Dad and little daughter singing girls like you

Little girl singing girls like you

Girls like you is one of the most popular songs on YouTube, which sung by maroon 5 band. Girl's like you song of maroon 5 hits millions of views on YouTube after just few hours of upload. Most of the viral videos on YouTube are related to music videos (most of them are Tiktok videos). So if you want to make your video viral on YouTube, then makes music related videos. The amazing lip syncing of this adorable little girl with her dad on the girls like you song is got millions of views from all over the world. This video is featured in the YouTube trending list of many countries. Because of the perfect lip syncing of this little girl this video is called as the most adorable video on YouTube.

White girl dancing on African song

White girl dancing on African song

The African dance style is very unique and looks more energetic, African dance is very easy for African people, because they learn this African dance steps from their childhood. But for white people it is very hard to learn and you need lots of energy to do that African dance moves. This video gone viral on YouTube, because there is white girl dancing with African kids, which is very perfect in African dance style. When people saw one white girl dancing with African kids on African song without losing single step they really feel amazed. This white girl name is Karina Palmira, which is very perfect in African dance style. I also watched this video more than 20 times, because the music and energy level of this kids are awesome.

Sadie doesn't want her brother to grow up

Adorable videos on YouTube

This is the most adorable video on YouTube I ever watched, this video shows the beautiful relationship between brother and sister. The elder sister Sadie is crying because she doesn't want her little brother to grow up. In my childhood, I also doesn't want my little sister to grow up, because after grow up we can't play with each other like our childhood days. Sometimes we have to separate from each others because of some family issues and we can't able to make fun like our childhood days. Our childhood gifts us lots of adorable memories which we can't forget in our lifetime. Sometimes sister and brother don't talk with each others after growing up because of some issues between them. But in childhood we can't live without each other, after watching this video I feels like I am enjoying my childhood days.

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Passengers push the train to free a man

The power of unity

This video shows the good example of humanity and power of unity. One man trapped between the train and platform and all passengers comes to help them and push the train from one side. This video is a live example of humanity is still alive in the world. This incident was happened at Perth railway station of Australia. Not only mens, womens are also comes to push the train to free that man. This is a great act of kindness showed by the people of Perth, Australia.

Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

 Cristiano Ronaldo prank video

Cristiano Ronaldo, a most popular football player, which is well known for his amazing playing skills. This player is a inspiration for many football lovers, he loves to daily workout to make his body fit and healthy. Cristiano Ronaldo is very famous for his amazing goals and he breaks many world records in football. He is also known for his huge donations to the charities. This prank video is filmed in the Madrid Street of Spain and Cristiano Ronaldo changed his getup as a poor begger for this video. He seat on the road for many hours and playing football with street walkers, but no one can noticed him and also people don't give any interest to play football with him. Everytime he try to pass his football to the strangers but many people ignore him. But when one Little kid comes to play with him, he remove his all get-up and show him his real face behind the face of begger man. After that face reveal, many people come to see him, but he only gives his football with autograph to that little kids.

Apparently kid - Noah Ritter

Apparently kid video

This kind is amazing and funny, I can't stop my Laugh while watching this video. Sofia Ojeda is a news reporter comes to take interview of small children's, then he sees Noah and ask him some questions but he steals the show with his hilarious answers of every question. This video make him a very famous personality and after that he was also invited in the Ellen's show and many other popular television shows of America. If you feel sad or depressed then watch this video, which can definitely makes your day! The talking styles of Noah Ritter is a very different from others and also hilarious too.

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Animal saved humans life

Animal saved humans life

Humanity is also seen in animal, more than human! Many time we saw or listen that animal saved humans life. Animals are far better than human in the act of kindness, there are many cases in which animal protected human form death. People thinks, some animals are very dangerous for humans mostly wild animals and they're very harmful for us, but no any animal attack on you without any reason. Why animals are attacking on human? Because humans destroyed their houses. No any animal cut the trees to make their houses they live on the trees or in the caves, because they know the importance of nature. But human don't know it, and that's why many times nature warn us by showing its power in the form of landslides, floods, tornado or earthquake. The only reason behind the destroying earth is "selfishness of human", earth is for everyone and every living thing on the earth has same right to live, then why we are destroying their houses? And what we expect from them in return? They also has families, they also wants to protect their childrens and the main thing they protects nature not destroying like us.

Recently, the Amazon rainforest which is a only biggest rainforest in the whole world and home of many different types of rare animal species was captured by the biggest Firestrom and lots of innocent animals lost their lives in it. We all need to save the amazon rainforest, because this is a only biggest source of oxygen and medicinal plants and also we need to protect there animals too. We are making the jungle of concrete by destroying nature, which is very harmful for us in future. If you cut single tree for any reason please plant 3 or more trees there or anywhere you want, saving and planting more trees is the only way to save the Nature.

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Christmas celebration around the world | Christmas celebration ideas 2019

Merry Christmas 2019 special

First of all Merry Christmas to all of you, all we knows that Christmas is a festival of Santa Claus, but who is santa claus? Santa Claus is very famous in children, because he gives gifts to them. In my childhood Christmas days I also thinks that santa comes in late night and give me the gift which I am waiting for, but no one comes. Santa Claus is a virtual character which created for children who gives them a gifts in Christmas night, but the real Santa Claus is our parents. The character of Santa Claus is also known as Father, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick or Kris Kringle. This legendary figure was originated in Western Christian culture who said santa claus visit the homes of well-behaved children on the night of Christmas Eve to give them their desired gifts. Christmas tree decoration is the most important factor of Christmas celebration and there are many Christmas tree decoration ideas on Internet which you can use to make your Christmas different from others.

Merry Christmas images 2019
Merry Christmas images

Christmas celebration of every country in the world is different. If you want to see the Joy of Christmas then head towards the western countries, must visit European countries in Christmas season. The Christmas season is the best time to visit European countries, because that time every country in Europe is covered in snow and beautiful lighting. There you can also see beautifully decorated Christmas trees everywhere on the road. Christmas is a very important festival in Europe and one of the largely celebrated festival in European countries with full of joy. If you want to visit Europe, then must choose Christmas season to visit there, it definitely gives you a best memories of your life which you can't forget.

Merry Christmas images 2019
Merry Christmas images

Why Christmas is celebrated?

Now the most important question, why Christmas is celebrated? Christmas is celebrated in the whole world to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The name "Christmas" comes from the Jesus. The Christmas is celebrated by Christians to remember that Jesus died for us. Some years ago Christmas is only celebrated by Christians people, but now this festival is celebrated in the whole world with full of joy. But the celebration of Christmas is differs from country to country.

It's not matter whether you are Christians or not to celebrate Christmas. It is the festival of family and friends to remember the good things they have. Especially for children Christmas is also like as it's a time to receive presents. That's why this festival is the most favourite festival of every child!

Merry Christmas images 2019
Merry Christmas images

The date of Christmas

No one knows the real birth date of God Jesus! There is no any date mentioned in the Bible also, so why the Christmas is celebrated on 25th December? There has many arguments on this matter to when Christmas should be celebrated! Because the real birth date of Jesus is hidden from the world. There is no any proof which can proves that 25th December is a birth date of God Jesus.

The first Christmas festival was celebrated on 25th December in 336, during the Roman Emperor period.

Christmas celebration in different countries of the world

Merry Christmas images
Czech republic Christmas
Christmas celebration in Czech Republic

In Czech Republic Happy or Merry Christmas is called as 'Veselé Vánoce'. On Christmas eve some people keep fast during this season in the hope of they will see a vision of 'golden pig' appear on the wall! This is a sign of good luck in Czech Republic!

In Czech Republic, During the evening of Christmas Eve people eat a traditional Christmas dinner, which consists of fish soup and fried carp decorated with potato salad.

Merry Christmas images
Christmas in Norway
Christmas celebration in Norway

In Norway, Men fire their guns into the air on the night of Christmas Eve. According to ancient belief, this is a primetime for evil spirits to emerge.

In some parts of Norway, children go for carol singing. Every children will dress up like as Shepherds and Wise men which are the characters of Christmas Story and go singing from house to house in their local area.

Christmas celebration in Australia
Image credit - Wikimedia
Christmas celebration in Australia

In Australia, Christmas comes in the starting of the summer vacation! So Children in Australia enjoying their summer holidays from mid December to early February, some people also like to be camping at Christmas Eve.

Australian people also go out for carol singing on Christmas Eve. In Christmas season all people decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas Trees and lights. There you can see some little competitions between neighbours to see who makes the best Christmas lighting. The neighbors in Australia also visit each other houses to look at the light decoration at night. People starts to decorate their houses as early as from 1st December.

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Merry Christmas images
Christmas in Armenia
Christmas celebration in Armenia

The Armenian Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th. In the first week of December a big Christmas Tree (Called as "Tonatsar" in Armenia) is created in Republic Square of Yerevan city, which is the capital of Armenia.

Some Armenian people choose to fast a week before Christmas Eve. They break their fast in the night of Christmas Eve with a meal called "khetum," which contains rice, fish, chickpeas, dried nuts, yogurt soup and desserts.

Merry Christmas images
Christmas in South Africa
Christmas celebration in south Africa

In South Africa Christmas comes in summer season, The schools are closed for the Christmas holidays and some people like to go camping. On Christmas Eve, carol singing is very popular in the towns and cities of South Africa. Carols singing with candlelights is also very popular on Christmas Eve. In South Africa many people go for a morning Church Service in Christmas days.

Christmas celebration images
Christmas in Ukraine
Christmas celebration in Ukraine

The Ukrainian people use fake spider webs to decorate their Christmas trees. But why?According to the story of a poor widower who had no money to decorate his Christmas family tree. Some friendly spiders saw him and his crying children, so at that night when everyone was in a deep sleep, they decorated his tree with silver and gold web. After that, the poor family never had any financial problem ever again. Since, a spider web covered Christmas tree signifies the prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year.

Christmas celebration images
Christmas in Austria
Christmas celebration in Austria

Many Christmas traditions of Austria are very similar with its neighbor Germany, but Austria also has its own special Christmas tradition.

On Christmas Eve, every town in the country display a large Christmas Tree in the town square. In homes, people decorate Christmas trees with gold and silver ornaments and straw made stars.

In Austria, Christmas starts around 4.00pm on Christmas Eve and people comes out to sing carols around the tree. Some childrens in Austria believes that the 'Christkind' decorates their Christmas trees and he also brings gifts for them on Christmas Eve and leaves them under the tree. But wait, who is "Christkind"?The Christkind is a golden-haired baby, with a flying wings who symbolizes as the new born Christ.

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Christmas celebration images
Christmas in Spain
Christmas celebration in Spain

In Spain, Christmas Eve is known as Nochebuena. Before the days of Nochebuena, children take part in 'piden el aguinaldo' where they go for sing carols in their local area to get some money!

There is another festival celebrated in Spain which is about the Christmas Story. It is called as Epiphany, celebrated on 6th January. In Spanish language, Epiphany is called as 'Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages' which means 'The three Magic Kings festival'. Childrens believe that the magic Kings bring them presents at Epiphany day. In that hope they write small letters to the Kings for presents and on the "Epiphany day" they leave their shoes on windowsills or near Christmas Tree to be filled with gifts. 

Christmas celebration images
Christmas in India
Christmas celebration in India

Ascompared to India's population, there are only 2.3 percent Christians in India. But, all you knows that India is the second most populated country in the world after China, means that, there are more than 25 million celebrate Christmas.

Due to the shortage of pine trees in the region, Indians use other trees like banana or mango as a substitute. The Mumbai city in india has largest Indian Christian Communities and many Christians in Mumbai are Roman Catholics. In Goa (Smallest state and past Portuguese colony in India) 26% of people are Christians. On the Christmas Eve all Churches in India are decorated with candles and Poinsettia flowers for Midnight Mass service.

Merry Christmas images
Christmas in Ireland
Christmas celebration in Ireland

In Ireland, Irish people celebrate Christmas in the same way as people celebrate in UK and USA, but they also have their own Christmas traditions. Epiphany festival which celebrated on January 6th, is called as 'Little Christmas' in Ireland. But now this festival is not widely celebrated in Ireland.

There is an oldest tradition related to Christmas in which some Irish people put a tall candle on the sill of the largest window of their houses on Christmas Eve after sunset. The candle is left to burn all over the night, which represents a welcoming light for Joseph and Mary.

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Merry Christmas images
Christmas in Japan
Christmas celebration in Japan

From the last few decades Christmas has only been widely celebrated festival in Japan. But it's still not celebrated as a religious festivals, because there are not many Christians lives in Japan. Some people that came to Japan from other countries like UK or USA started trends to sending and receiving Christmas Cards on the Christmas Eve, which is very popular in Japan.

In Japan, rather than a religious celebration, Christmas is celebrated to spread happiness. Christmas Eve is widely celebrated in Japan than Christmas day.

Santa Claus images
Christmas in Canada
Christmas celebration in Canada

Canada is a very large country with different cultural backgrounds. There are many different Christmas traditions in Canada and some of them are come from French, English, Irish, German and Ukrainian nations. In Canada people send Christmas Cards to their friends, family and neighbours. Many childrens in Canada open their gifts on the Christmas Eve and some of them are only open their one gift, then save other gifts to open on Christmas Day.

Canadian people like to decorate their houses with different lights and Christmas Trees. Canada looks more beautiful in its Christmas days.

There are many websites on Internet which provides best Christmas decoration ideas and creative Christmas card ideas by using this ideas you can make your Christmas more special and attractive than others. 

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Top Best Adult Web series to watch on Netflix | Adult Comedy Web Series

What is a Netflix? Netflix is a American media company which is headquartered in Los Gatos region of California. media and production company was started in 29 August 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Netflix is online media network which is not available on your home television, for watching popular shows on Netflix you need to pay their subscription fees and also have internet connection with good speed. Their are many best Web series and movies on Netflix which are really worth to watch. So here I will tell you about the best adult Web series to watch on Netflix, which are only available for 18+ Netflix members.

List of best adult web series on Netflix

Shameless episodes watch now
Shameless web series | Netflix


This show is based on a British family which settled in Chicago. It revolves around the life of a alcoholic father who has 8 kids and they all are don’t care about anything but only themselves. This is one of the best adult comedy web series to watch on Netflix.

Sex Education web series 2019
Sex Education web series | Netflix

Sex education

This is another best adult comedy British series on Netflix which is about a socially awkward guy who didn't experienced any intimacy and romance in his life but his mother is a sex therapis, so because of this he is surrounded by so much information about sex and to improve his image in college he starts his own advisory clinic with a female friend. But while doing research on teenage sexuality, he decides that he may need some therapy of his own. This web series is really worth to watch, which can make your day happier!

Animated adult comedy web series
Bojack Horseman animated web series | Netflix

Bojack Horseman

This is the first animated adult comedy web series from Netflix which is not for the kids. The story of this show is revolves around a Humanoid horse who was the adoptive father of three orphaned kids, in which two are girls and one boy. This show is the most hilarious thing to watch and experience the journey of that horse. There are plenty references of sex, drugs and alcohol. So this animated show is absolutely not for kids.

Atypical episodes 2019
ATYPICAL web series | Netflix


This is an best American adult comedy show which is only available on Netflix to watch. It shows the life of  teenager boy Sam who is an Autistic guy and he decides to finally open the romance chapter of his life to be more independent. This web series is written by Robia Rashid and produced by Seth Gordon, who also win academy award.

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Orange Is The New Black latest seasons
Orange is the new black web series | Netflix

Orange Is The New Black

This is a another best American adult comedy web series that shows the life of Piper. After the ten years of transporting drug money to Alex she is imprisoned for the crime and thrown into the prison. The strict environment of prison changes her drastically and compelling her to do the unthinkable things.

Masters Of Sex new season
Master of sex web series | Netflix

Masters Of Sex

This is one of the most popular dramatic web series on Netflix which openely talks about the human s*xuality. The scientists of human sexuality William Masters and Virginia Johnson both are well known for their works in human sexuality. Virginia Johnson is a divorced mother and William Masters is also divorces his wife, so its very interesting to watch what is the main story of this two characters.

Riverdale web series| Netflix


This show is based on a town which named as a "Riverdale" where murders, romance, mysteries and se* everything happens under one roof. The mysterious death of a student turns Riverdale town atmosphere into dark. To solve this mystery Archie and his friends try to connect the missing pieces together. This dramatic web series is really worth to watch on Netflix.

You me and her web series | Netflix

You Me Her

This is a romantic comedy web series which talks about a relationship among three people. Some surprising turns in life take their relationship to another direction. Wonderful writing and great character make this show more interesting to watch, guilt, desire, romance, commitment, feelings and complacency all in this package.

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Wanderlust episodes on Netflix
Wanderlust web series | Netflix


This show is about a relationship between husband and wife. A therapist who try their best to save her marriage which was destroyed after they find some intimacy problems in their life. This show is written by Nick Payne, the story of this show is about the exploration of the relationships of multigenerational family, which finding the ways for creating a happy relationship. Wanderlust is the story of love, lust and forbidden desire.

Easy web series latest episodes on Netflix
Easy web series | Netflix


This is a American comedy web series, in which a group of friends want to try and reignite their sex life and love life by exploring modern romance technology and culture. There is no any violence and hate, this web series is just about people and their relationship. The characters of this show done their respective roles perfectly and you can feel it while watching.

The client list web series | Netflix

The Client List

This show is only available to watch on Netflix which is about a Texas woman named Riley parks. She is a single mother who leading two lives, one for the world and the other one which is a secret. For fulfilling financial needs, she decided to take a job at day spa centre in nearby town. But after noticing her co-worker who provides additional services to their customers for getting extra income, Riley also decided to join them to resolve her financial needs. This story shows the struggle of Riley Parks who wants to keep her work secret from the world.

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Different types of hand gestures and their meaning

Hand signs or hand gestures describe more than words. There are many types of hand gestures in the world which used to express yourself without talking. Every country has their different hand gestures. So today we are going to know about the meaning of different types of hand sign in the world. Many people know about middle finger and victory hand gesture, because it is most used hand signs in the world. But there are lots of other hand gestures which are very important to know. Hand gestures or hand signs are very important mode of communication, especially if you are traveling in different countries of the world. Hand gestures is the best way to talk with any person who don't understand your language. So let's get start.

Meaning of hand signs
Naughty hand gestures

'V' shaped hand sign

Many people thinks that 'V' sign is only used to show the victory, but there are lots of other meaning of this hand gesture. This sign is also used to express some naughtiness when you bring your tongue into play. I think you understand the meaning of this naughty hand sign, but if you not still guessed then this one is used to express your feelings about the oral sex.

Peace gesture
Two finger hand gesture

'Peace' hand sign

The two finger sign is also used for peace, peace sign is one of the world's most popular sign to express peace.

Two finger salute sign
Two finger salute gesture

'Two finger salute' sign

Two finger salute hand gesture is looks similar like a peace sign, but in this gesture you can see the back side of the fingers, not front?

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I love you hand sign
Heart shaped gesture

'Heart shaped' hand sign

Heart shaped sing is mostly used to express 'Love'. Many people use this heart shaped hand gesture to say 'I Love you' to their partner. This is one of the most used hand gestures in the world. Many people hesitate to say I love you to their partner, but using this sign people can express their love without saying nothing.

Rock on gesture
Party gesture

'Rock On' hand gesture

It is used to express having a good time. You can notice this type of sign in live concert or music events. Having a good time hand sign is also a most used hand gesture in the world.

Middle finger hand gesture
Middle finger hand gesture

'Middle finger' hand gesture

There are lots of meaning of middle finger hand gesture and it depends upon how you display to the people? If the middle finger turned sideways means the same thing as the traditional finger in the air. Sometimes people use this gesture because it's less obtrusive than other one.

Loser hand gesture
Loser hand gesture

'Loser' hand gesture

Lots of people know about the meaning of this hand sign already. But in case if you don't, the "L" sign is used to say loser.

I love you hand gesture
I love you hand gesture

'I love you' hand sign

The most popular hand sign to express your Love is heart shaped hand gesture, but very few people know about this another hand gesture to say I love you to your partner. This hand gesture is taken from American Sign Language, which simply used to say "I love you".

Ok hand sign
Ok hand sign

'Ok' hand sign

When the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers straight or relaxed. It sign is mostly used to signifies that "I am OK"

Thumbs up sign
Thumbs up hand sign

'Thumbs up' sign

Thumbs up hand sign is used to say like, yes or done. This is the most common hand sign, that people use in their everyday life.

Thumb down sign
Thumbs down sign

'Thumbs down' sign

This hand sign is used to Dislike anyone on social media platforms and in real life it means bad or not satisfied with the work.

Hand sings for taking lift
Ask for lift hand sign

'Ask for lift' gesture

The thumb up hand wave is the most recognized sign in all over the world for asking lifts. Incorrect position will not get the driver's attention, so make sure to stand at the perfect place like traffic signal or gas station and give clear directions to your destination when you have to take a lift.

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12 Must watch Hollywood movies of all time

There are lots of films released every day in the world. But which one is the best movie to watch is a big question comes in everyone's mind. Movies are divided into their different categories like romantic movies, comedy movies, horror movies, action movies, inspirational movies, thrilling movies and fantasy movies. Today we are going to know about the all time best movies to watch in 2019-20. In this post I will tell you about the best comedy movies, action movies, horror movies, thrilling movies and more. So let's get start!

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The real life characters of PUBG Mobile

In previous post we know about the real life locations of PUBG Mobile and now we are going to know about the real life characters of PUBG Mobile which taken from real life celebrities. PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in the world and lots of player playing this game on daily basis. This game is become a most popular Battle royale gener game in a very short period of time, because of its realistic graphics and gaming environment. If you are a regular player of this game, you must have noticed that many characters in this game are taken from real life celebrities. So let's know about them.

Resident evil actress
Milla Jovovich [Resident Evil Actress]

1. Milla Jovovich
Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich is a 43 years old Ukrainian actress, which is famous for her Resident Evil movie series. Milla Jovovich is also a professional model and musician and according to Forbes magazine, she is one of the highest paid model in the world. She got worldwide popularity for her adventurous role in the Resident Evil movie series. You must also noticed her in one of the Pubg characters, which available for free in the game.

Daniel Dae Kim
Daniel Dae Kim [Insurgent Actor]

2. Daniel Dae Kim
The Daniel Dae Kim is 50 years old Korean-American actor, producer and voice actor. Daniel has been appeared in insurgent series. Many people don't know that, the character of Daniel Dae Kim is also used in PUBG game.

Idris Elba Avenger movie actor
Idris Elba [Avenger series Actor]

3. Idris Elba
Idris Elba is 46 years old English actor, DJ, producer and musician. He is very famous for his role of Heimdall in popular Avenger movie series. He has also performed the Nelson Mandela role in the movie "Mandela". Idris Elba Character is also seen in one of the Pubg characters.

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Spiderman Homecoming Actor
Bokeem Woodbine [Spiderman Homecoming Actor]

4. Bokeem Woodbine
The 45 year old American actor Bookeem Woodbine is acted as Herman in the Spiderman Homecoming movie. For the role of Mike Milligan in second season of Fargo, he won Black Reel award. You must noticed him in Pubg characters while playing the game.

Blue Deep Sea movie actor
Thomas Jane [Blue Deep Sea Actor]

5. Thomas Jane
The 50 years old American actor Thomas Jane is famous for his roles in Boogie Nights, Blue Deep Sea and The Punisher movies. He is also the founder of a entertainment company which name is "RAW studios", which sells comic books. Thomas Jane is a very famous character of PUBG game.

Thor movie actress
Natalie Portman [Thor movie actress]

6. Natalie Portman
The 37 years old Isreali actress Natalie Portman is also a good producer and director. She has played amazing roles in various movies including Thor series, Star Wars series and lots more, which made her most popular faces in Hollywood industry. When I first started to playing PUBG game, that time my first gameplay character is Natalie Portman.

Cosmopolis movie actress
Jadyn Wong [Cosmopolis movie actress]

7. Jadyn Wong
Jadyn Wong is 30 years old Canadian actress who has played amazing role in movies like Space Buddies, Cosmopolis and Debug. She also appeared in TV shows like Caprica and Lost Girl. Jadyn Wong is also a black belt holder in Karate. Many times I played in PUBG using her character.

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Tomb raider movie actress
Angelina Jolie [Tomb raider Actress]

8. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a 43 years old famous Hollywood actress and filmmaker. She got famous for her amazing role in movies like Cyborg 2, hackers, Gia, Mr and Mrs Smith which she did with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie has been the most highest paid Hollywood actress. Very few people noticed that the character of Angelina Jolie is also used in PUBG game.

Men in Black 2 Actress
Rosario Dawson [Men in Black 2 Actress]

9. Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson is 39 years old American actress, producer, singer, writer and politician. She is very famous for her roles in movies like Men in Black 2, Rent, Sin City and Unstoppable. Rosario Dawson has also appeared in various Netflix series.

Skyfall movie actor
Javier Bardem [Skyfall movie actor]

10. Javier Bardem
The 50 year old Spanish actor Javier Angel Encinas Bardem has been appeared in movie "No Country for Old Men" but he got lots of popularity for his role in Skyfall movie. He has also been nominated for BAFTA and SAG awards for the best supporting role.